Casa Altinho

Where Luxury Meets Serenity on a Goan Hilltop.

4 Bedrooms

4491 - 5045 sqft

Saipem, Goa

Sun-Kissed Luxury Villas In North Goa That's Yours To Live

Casa Althino brings you private pool villas in Goa, nestled atop a picturesque hill in the enchanting Saipem region redefining the essence of a luxury villa in Goa. Perched majestically, this exclusive project offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the meandering Nerul River, where the waters shimmer under the golden sun. Casa Althino boasts a fusion of architectural brilliance and natural grandeur, providing a harmonious blend of opulence and serenity. Each aspect of this project, from its meticulously designed villas to the lushly landscaped surroundings, has been crafted to create a haven of unrivaled luxury. With Casa Althino, you don’t just own a home; you possess a piece of Goa’s scenic beauty and indulge in a lifestyle that encapsulates the epitome of refinement and tranquility.



Villas In Goa That Bring You Closer To Its Heartbeat

This luxury villa in Goa enjoys a coveted location that offers residents a multitude of advantages. Perched on a scenic hill, this private pool villa in Goa provides extravagant views of the Nerul River, immersing homeowners in the serene beauty of Goa’s coastal landscape. Its proximity to renowned beaches like Candolim, Calangute, and Baga ensures that sun-kissed shores are just a stone’s throw away. 


Additionally, Casa Althino’s strategic position near culturally rich areas allows residents to partake in the vibrant traditions and festivities of Goa. Accessibility is paramount, with well-connected roads leading to the region’s bustling markets, restaurants, and entertainment hubs.

This tranquil haven also guarantees privacy, nestled away from the city’s hustle and bustle, while offering easy access to premium amenities and the potential for a sound investment in Goa’s flourishing real estate market. Casa Althino’s location is a harmonious fusion of natural beauty, convenience, and investment potential, making it the quintessential destination for those seeking luxury living in Goa.


Fullyfurnished semifurnished

Landscape gardens

Private pools

Stunning views

Property management services

Rental management

Backup power

24x7 Security


Infifnity Pools



Goa, India’s smallest yet most progressive state has a rich legacy
of natural beauty and intermingling cultures stemming from the
state’s colonial Portuguese heritage. A live-work-play destination where
time stands still, this beachside utopia is the perfect location for the
discerning client in search of a true honest to god tranquil experience.

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